Enteric Coated Mega EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg


High strength omega-3s helps maintain heart, eye and brain health as well as calming inflammation and symptoms of mild arthritis /joint pain.



Neu3Plus’s Enteric coated Mega EPA/DHA is an ultra-concentrated 70% omega-3s DHA and EPA (400mg EPA and 300mg DHA). High doses of omega-3s helps maintain heart, eye and brain health as well as easing inflammation and symptoms of mild arthritis/joint pain.


1. High strength fish oil softgel
Provides 700mg of omega-3 DHA and EPA per softgel.

2. 100% wild-caught small fish
Sourced in the South America from sustainable, wild-caught anchovies – typically have less contaminants like mercury, PCBs and dioxins than larger fish may have.

3. High purity
Advanced molecular distillation provides exceptional purity, and each batch is tested to ensure the oil is free of toxins, mercury, lead, heavy metals and PCBs.

4. No fishy burps and no smell
Enteric coating protects the softgel from the acids in the stomach which then travels to the small intestine where it is digested. This prevents fishy odor.

5. Essential for brain and cognitive functions
DHA comprises 40% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in the brain and is vital for normal brain function and development. Omega-3s helps lower restlessness, stress, mental fatigue and anxiety.

6. Support cardiovascular health
EPA and DHA may benefit heart health by decreasing triglycerides, levels of LDL and blood pressure. They can help prevent heart attacks by reducing blood clotting.

7. Relieve inflammation and symptoms of mild joint pain
DHA and EPA help reduce the intensity of joint symptoms like morning stiffness and tenderness by promoting the reduction of inflammation in joints. They reduce certain biochemical pathway that sparks inflammation. EPA and DHA restore and supplement joint tissues – providing the joints with proper lubrication.

8. Promote healthy vision
DHA accounts for 60% of the structural component of your eyes’ retinas. It may help prevent macular degeneration, which can cause vision impairment and blindness.

Who should take Neu3Plus’s Enteric Coated Mega EPA/DHA?

  • Career-driven individuals who wants to boost their brain power and mental sharpness
  • Seniors who want to reduce age-related mental and physical decline.
  • Students who want to boost their brain power for studies and exams.
  • Individuals who have joints symptoms and want to protect joint health
  • Individuals who have cardiovascular concerns.
Manufactured in:



60 soft gels

Frequency and direction of use:

1 soft gel taken 1-2 times daily, preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional

Allergen warning:

Contains fish (anchovies) and soy