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95 Imperial Herbal Podiatric Steaming Therapy

Why Podiatric Steaming?

When a tree withers, its roots are first to be are exhausted; when a man grew old, his feet is first to weaken. Diseases begin with cold, and cold engenders from under one’s feet.

Yin & Yang of the Human Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that “cold engenders from the feet” and “essence comes from the soles of the feet”. In nature, wind, cold and dampness can easily invade the human body from the feet, their first point of contact. This invariably justifies the axiom “the feet are first to weaken with aging”. Therefore, podiatric steaming therapy has the function of protecting Yang energy, tonifying Qi and benefiting the vital essence. Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the foot has the function of warming and tonifying the Kidney Yang, igniting the primordial fire and redirecting it to the innate source. “Yang Qi or Yang energy, in its purest active form nourishes the spirit, and in its passive form nourishes the tendons”. Podiatric steaming promotes the adequacy of Yang energy that has a cascading effect of ensuring vital essence remains abundant, Yin is being composed and calm that leads to the restraint of Yang energy. For the same reason, spirit is ameliorated, and sleep restored.

Podiatric steaming also reduces the foot muscle tension, that relaxes the entire body, thus relieving systemic stress. When performed together with Meridian Dredging, the combined therapy improves blood circulation, promotes lower limb blood circulation, relatively diminishes brain blood flow that leads to lower brain activity and improved sleep pattern. It can further relieve back, neck and shoulder pain effectively and reestablish systemic Qi and blood to healthy equilibrium.