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Osteopathic + Tuina Trial


(U.P $168)

Digital Posture Analysis +
1 Osteo session +
1 Tuina session

T&Cs apply

*Duration may vary based on individual health and body conditions.
*X-Ray may be recommended by the specialist if condition is assessed to require one before performing any treatment.

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Benefits of Osteopathic + Tuina

Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Insomnia Relief
Headache Relief

What is Osteopathic

Osteopathy is an ancient medical practice involving manipulation techniques to realign subluxation caused by bone and joint injuries.

What is Tuina

Tuina is a massage therapy targeting specific areas or acupoints to relieve muscle tension and promotes blood circulation.

When combined with osteopathic techniques, it helps alleviate pain and restores normal body function.

Effective Improvement of the Conditions

Age-related wear and tear
Knee pain
Round shoulders and hunchback
Lumbar spine compression
Back pain
Anterior pelvic tilt
Bow legs

Not Suitable For

Spondylolysis and sacral clefts
Spinal tuberculosis, bone tumors, and osteomyelitis
After thoracolumbar surgery, lumbar stiffness persists.
Malignant tumors and osteoarticular suppuration.

*Duration may vary based on individual health and body conditions.

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