Herbal King Moxibustion (First Trial)



Using superior graded wormwood that has undergone long maturation process as a base, Herbal King Moxibustion consists of some 39 types of Traditional Chinese Medicine including but not limited to Herba lycopodii, Eucommia ulmoide, Cinnamomum cassia, Angelica dahurica, Flos caryophyllata, Illicium verum, Cuminum cyminum, Atractylodes lancea, Ramulus Cinnamoni, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Aucklandia lappa Decne, Boswellia carterii Birdw, Notopterygium incisum, Angelica pubescens maxim and Sophora flavescens.

Herbal king moxibustion is transdermal drug delivery into the human body without a need to consume medicine orally. The treatment is painless and can dredge the 12 meridians, penetrate the three Yin levels, stimulate the acupoints or specific parts of the human body and regulate the physiological and biochemical functions of the human body by stimulating the activities of meridians, that in concert achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

It also functions to warm meridians, unblock collaterals, supplement Qi, invigorate blood circulation, expel cold and damp pathogenic factors, alleviate pain and addresses other deficiencies of Yang energy.

Terms & Conditions

  • Voucher is non-exchangeable, non-transferable or non-refundable for Cash or Credit of any kind.
  • Valid for first time patients or patients who have not visited Guo Tai TCM Rehab & Wellness Centre for the past 12 months.
  • Promotion is not valid for Tourists.
  • Those who are below the age of 21 years old have to be accompanied by their parents.
  • Presentation of NRIC is required for verification purposes.
  • Prior appointment is required and subject to availability.
  • For the best experience, it is advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. A 10-minute grace period is given from your appointment time, after which your appointment may be postponed or rescheduled.
  • The company reserves the right to vary or amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.