Healing Balm


Your natural solution to soothe pain and relax!



Product Overview

Next time when you find yourself reaching for medications for pain-relief and insomnia, opt for a natural solution and use this healing balm instead. Curated as a multi-purpose all in one balm, its magical healing proporties can alleviate any pain related ailements or pain.

Natural Health’s Healing Balm is the only pain relief balm in the market that uses 100% pure Lavender essential oil which also helps to soothe the central nervous system and relieves nervous tension, insomnia, and balance mood swings making you feel relaxed and calm.


  • Sooth headache pain
  • Great for post workout body aches and soreness
  • Relieves joint pain and tense muscle cramps
  • Stimulates circulation as a remedy for stomachaches
  • Provides cold and nasal relief from congestion
  • Supports the skin’s natural healing process
  • Gentle and soothing. Formulated for easily irritated and dry skin


  • Carefully blended with Peppermint and 100% pure Lavender essential oil.
  • Conveniently packaged in a handy tin that you can easily throw in your purse or handbag on a busy working day.